Welcome to The Archives!

If you’re reading this the internet has probably led you to our site prematurely. The Digital Kaiju Archive is an ongoing (and currently in-the-works) photographic database for fans of Kaiju Eiga. Our mission with the site is to compile extensive galleries for each film/show within the fandom  – from classics like Gojira and Mothra vs Godzilla to oddball favorites like The Magic Serpent and Gappa. Individual films and television shows are categorized by decade above, with each entry receiving sections for its individually featured Kaiju, as well as Posters, Behind the Scenes photos, Cast photos, etc. In the case of Godzilla ‘s varied incarnations, each suit will be filed by name under its film appearance. All of this considered, the Digital Kaiju Archive strives to be multi-purpose and user-friendly. If you have any suggestions, comments, or photographs to ad, please contact one of us Jo(h)ns or any of the site’s wonderful Curators.

In the meantime, feel free to Click Here to See the Latest Galleries.

Thank you for visiting and happy viewing!

– Jon D. Bumpus

– John Stanowski


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