Something here about what this site is for.

Something here that makes it clear that we are presenting these photos in a way which is reasonable use or whatever so copyright demons stay away.

Something here about the Digital Kaiju Archive curators:

Names can be re-ordered, of course. Everyone fill in your own blanks:

August Ragone

Kyle Yount

Jon D. Bumpus
Jon is the founder of the Kaiju Fan Network and owner/designer/editor of Skreeonk.com. Aside from being a major collector of vinyl kaiju figures, Jon operates not only Skreeonk.com but the Kaiju Fan Network’s other subsidiaries such as The Kaiju Fan Marketplace and the lovely site you see here! In 2013 a partnership with John Stanowski began with KaijuAddicts.com joining the KFN and bringing X-Plus news to the main page of Skreeonk, which led them to creating The Digital Kaiju Archive together. The power of Jo(h)ns combined is responsible for the design of this wonderful new resource!

John Stanowski
John’s only claim to Godzilla fame is his collection of X-Plus vinyls and his website KaijuAddicts.com which is devoted to them. Other than that he’s just a life long Godzilla fan who uses his day job talents to make fun stuff like this and this. He had always wanted to make a website where all of the Godzilla and kaiju photos all over the web could be viewed together from one place. Fortunately, he easily found some friends to make it happen.


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